Q & A

Do You Provide the Beer/Alcohol?

We do not provide the alcohol. Due to licensing restrictions by the MLCC, Tap Truck MI Coast cannot provide the alcohol or accept any payment for alcohol. You, your venue, or your caterer provide the alcohol, and we provide an incredible experience! Just because we can’t supply the libations does not mean we can’t help you get them.  We will assist you with a fabulous beverage menu, provide a suggested shopping list and even help coordinate the purchase with our preferred vendors.

What Size Kegs Will Fit Inside the Tap Truck?

Betty Jane has 5 taps on board and can easily house 5 half barrel kegs tapped with room for additional kegs as back-up.

How Much Beer/Alcohol Do I Need to Buy for My Event?

Lucky, this is not our first rodeo! It is our job to help you plan on enough libations for your event. We have ways to determine what you will need so you are not buying more than you need. Plus, whatever is left at the end of the event is yours to keep. If you have keg items that to need to be returned, we can assist you with this and make sure you get your deposit back.

Where Do I Buy My Beer/Alcohol?

If you are working with an event planner or a particular venue, they will provide resources for buying beer/alcohol for your event. If you are doing the event on your own, we will provide a list of retailers that we have partner relationships with.

Do You Put Anything Else on Tap Besides Beer/Alcohol?

YES! We love social gatherings like craft lemonade stands, root beer float bars, hot cocoa and cider luncheons, and craft soda pop-ups. If you can drink it, we can tap it!

What Does Your "Full Experience Betty Jane" Package Include?

Our “Full Experience Betty Jane” Package includes everything you need!

A beautiful 1955 Dodge Panel Truck “Betty Jane” mobile bar, drink menu planning, service bar station, hook up of purchased libations, TIPS certified Taptender, personalized menu of bar offerings for display, biodegradable drink ware, cocktail napkins, and 1 non-alcoholic beverage station of choice.

Betty Jane will arrive 2 hours before event to set-up and will depart 30 minutes after. We pride ourselves on leaving the premises as if we were never there.

What Does Your "Just Betty Jane Experience" Include?

Our “Just Betty Jane Experience” includes only our beautiful 1955 Dodge Panel Truck mobile bar.

Betty Jane will arrive 2 hours before event to set-up & tap-up and will depart 30 minutes after. Tap Truck MI Coast prides ourselves on leaving the premises as if we were never there.

Do You Have an Hourly Rental Minimum?

Rental hour minimum for Betty Jane is 2 hours.  

I'm Excited & Ready to Tap My Event! How Do I Reserve My Date?

50% of the contracted amount along with your signed contract is required to reserve your date. The 50% is non-refundable as it secures your date and forbids Tap Truck MI Coast from engaging other clients for your specific date and time.

The remaining payment is due 10 days prior to the event, this way you get to sit back and enjoy the event with your guests!

We proudly accept payment via GooglePay, ApplePay, Paypal, & Venmo

“Contact Us” to find out if your date is available. We can’t wait to tap your event!